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Mitchellson’s start work on a new 102 room Aparthotel on Albert Embankment, London

The redevelopment of a new 14 storey 102 room Aparthotel goes towards meeting the London Plan of providing 50,000 new hotel bedrooms by 2026. The building will also include a restaurant, lobby and lounge at ground floor level and a 3-bedroom penthouse residential unit.

The project at 10 Albert Embankment has a contract value of £5,263,702 and consists of demolishing the existing building including existing ground floor slab and internal walls but retaining the existing basement walls. A temporary substation has to be provided during the project.

The new build consists of piling works, a new 2-level basement construction in reinforced concrete using a “top down” technique and building a new electrical substation and removal of the temporary one previously installed.

The main core walls will be constructed by slip form in advance of the frame and the upper floors will be post tensioned reinforced concrete.

The contract consists of the removal 6,700m3 of material, provision of 2,800m3 of concrete and 405 tonnes of reinforcement and tendons, producing approximately 1,250m2 of basement area on two levels and 5,281m2 of Upper Floors.